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WordWarbler is a website where new Writers can store their work for free and where Readers & Publishers can discover new talent.

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How to become a Publishing Sensation
Literary critics and publishers were left shaking their heads in disbelief when an insignificant e-book series called 50 Shades of Grey suddenly became a red-hot publishing sensation - going on to sell tens of millions of paperbacks worldwide and making the writer, E.L. James, an instant fortune in the process.

This unexpected success represents a new game-changing phenomenon in how writers get noticed and published.

Viral Marketing
Analysts now accept that viral marketing was the most significant factor in the success of 50 Shades of Grey, with word-of-mouth recommendations exploding across online Social networks.

Reader Feedback
Writers benefit from feedback, encouragement and helpful critique along the way, extending even to the very best like Charles Dickens who wrote his novels in serial form and often used reader comments to help him shape his characters and plots for the next instalment.

How to use WordWarbler
WordWarbler can help tap into the viral marketing phenomenon and get regular reader feedback on your own work. You can:
  • Store your work - and only share it when you are ready to do so;
  • Share the first chapter of the next great novel with chosen Facebook friends;
  • Watch as your friends tell their friends - who go on to tell their own friends and so on across the globe;
  • Share each succeeding chapter with your growing audience in regular instalments;
  • Share your work of Non-fiction, Memoir, Sci-fi, Chick Lit or any other acceptable Genre.

You can even link to your Facebook photo galleries - this might be especially useful for a travel diary perhaps?

Harness the power of Social Networking:
  • You access WordWarbler via your normal Facebook login, so there is no separate registration required.
  • Readers and publishers need their own Facebook login for access, meaning no anonymous trolling.
  • You can add your own links via your Author page, such as to your Blog, Twitter account, etc

You can rest easy in that WordWarbler makes no claims to the ownership of your intellectual property uploaded via this website. You can also export a copy of your work out of the website at the click of a mouse.

If you are a Writer, be one of the first to contribute to this new site and, once you are ready to make your work public, your writing might be one of the first to be priority-displayed on the read page.

If you are a Publisher, be one of the first to explore the new works - and be sure to come back as our list grows.

Maybe you too can become a publishing sensation.

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